Will Tips – A Pet Provision Clause:

Nearly 50% of UK Households have a Pet. If you have beloved pets and want to ensure their well-being after your passing, you can include a pet provision clause in your will. This clause specifies instructions for the care of your pets and may include provisions for their financial support. Here are some considerations for including a pet provision clause:

1. Identify Your Pets:

Clearly identify your pets in the clause by providing their names and descriptions. This will help avoid any confusion or disputes regarding which animals are covered by the provision.

2. Appoint a Trusted Person:

Choose a trusted individual, Charity or organization who will take responsibility for the care of your pets. This person or entity should be willing and capable of providing appropriate care, including food, shelter, veterinary care, and companionship.

3. Talk to the person or organization you plan to appoint to look after your pets:

Ensure they are willing to assume this responsibility and agree to the terms outlined in your will. It’s crucial to have an open conversation and establish a mutual understanding.

4. Provide Instructions for Care:

Outline specific instructions regarding the care of your pets. This may include dietary preferences, exercise routines, medical needs, grooming requirements, and any other important details. The more detailed and comprehensive your instructions, the better the chances of your pets receiving appropriate care.

5. Financial Considerations:

Pets can come with ongoing expenses. Consider including a provision for financial support to assist the caregiver in providing for your pets. You can allocate a specific amount or establish a trust fund dedicated to the care of your pets. Consult with legal and financial professionals to determine the best approach for your situation.

6. Regular Updates:

Review and update your pet provision clause periodically to reflect any changes in your pets’ circumstances, such as new additions to the family or changes in their health conditions. This ensures that your will remains current and accurately reflects your wishes.

7. Inform Relevant Parties:

Make sure your executor, family members, and the appointed caregiver are aware of the existence and details of the pet provision clause in your will.

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