Strange Things left in a Will

Over the years, there have been some bizarre and unusual items and bequests that people have included in their wills. While these strange requests may not be common, they have certainly made headlines and sparked curiosity. Here are a few examples:

1. Pets and Animals:

Some people have left provisions in their wills to ensure the care of their beloved pets after their death. This can involve leaving a sum of money to a designated caregiver to look after the pets, as well as specific instructions on their care and living arrangements.

2. Unconventional Inheritance:

There have been cases where individuals have left their estates to unusual beneficiaries. For instance, one millionaire left his fortune to a random waiter he had never met before. Another person left their estate to a specific tree in a public park.

3. Haunted House:

A woman left her home to a historical society with the condition that it be turned into a haunted house attraction every Halloween.

4. Burial Requests:

Some people have made unusual burial requests in their wills. This includes being buried in specific locations, being buried with particular items, or even being buried in a standing position.

5. Social Media Profiles:

With the rise of social media, some individuals have included instructions in their wills regarding what should happen to their online accounts and profiles after their death.

6. Personal Collections:

Collectors have been known to bequeath their extensive and valuable collections of items like cars, stamps, comic books, or action figures to specific individuals or institutions.

7. Wedding Dress:

A woman left her wedding dress to her best friend with the condition that the friend should wear it on her wedding day.

8. Secrets and Confessions:

There have been instances where individuals have used their wills to confess to secrets or admit to actions that were previously unknown to their loved ones.

It’s important to note that while some of these strange bequests are legally valid, others may be challenged or deemed unenforceable in court. The laws surrounding wills and bequests vary by jurisdiction, and not all unusual requests may be upheld.

Creating a clear and legally valid will is essential to ensure that your final wishes are carried out and your estate is distributed according to your intentions. If you have specific requests or concerns, please contact the Team at Guardian Solicitors on 0203 301 6600 or by email us at