Sarah Lewis


Sarah specialises in high value Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence matters.

She graduated with a Law degree from the University of Hertfordshire and completed her Legal studies at BPP Law School, London. Sarah trained at both Devonshires Solicitors and Chapman Dhillon Solicitors, thereby providing her with the opportunity to handle maters from a multi-disciplinary, to an independent perspective, respectively.

Sarah has developed an extensive practice with a key focus in providing gold standard customer service. She has successfully brought claims against NHS trusts and their various subsidiaries, as well as against large private organisations. She acts for all types of claimants irrespective of their demographic background or capacity, enhancing her ability to empathise effortlessly. This is particularly vital for claimants subjected to injuries due to their subsequent susceptibility.

From commencement of the claim through to settlement, Sarah heavily scrutinises each element so as to reinforce her position at each juncture thereby ensuring confidence is instilled on her client’s behalf. This asset, combined with her familiarity of the Civil Procedure Rules and Litigation Process, has driven her immaculate success rate.

Sarah prioritises her continuing professional development towards her colleagues and clientele. She has obtained the aptitude to manage her intricate case load whilst simultaneously providing managerial supervision to her colleagues.