Reasons why you should consider reviewing your Will

1. Life Changes:

Life events such as marriage, divorce, birth of children, or changes in financial circumstances may necessitate updates to your will to reflect your current wishes.

2. Asset Changes:

If you acquire new assets or properties, it is important to review your will to ensure that all your assets are accounted for and distributed according to your preferences.

3. Beneficiary Updates:

If your relationships with beneficiaries change or if you wish to add new beneficiaries, reviewing your will allows you to make necessary adjustments.

4. Legal Updates:

Changes in laws and regulations, such as tax laws or inheritance tax, may impact the distribution of your estate. Regularly reviewing your Will helps you plan your Estate.

5. Executor and Trustee:

It is essential to review your will to confirm that the individuals you have designated as executors and trustees are still suitable and willing to fulfill their roles effectively, as time goes on Executors that you have appointed may not be in a position to help administer your Estate.

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