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GLH Staff – Have you made a Will?

Many people do not take the opportunity to make a Will and on average 72% of adults do not have one. 

Without a Will, assets can often be left to unintended people and possibly leave loved ones missing out.  Writing a will can be a difficult task, which is why many people put off making those decisions.

Guardian Solicitors are delighted to be a partner with GLH and we can help you to write a Will and give you the peace of mind that those who you love will be the ones who inherit your assets.

We have further information and questionnaires on our website and all GLH employees get the benefits of the discounts for making a Will, quote GLHGS to get the benefit of your staff discount for making a Will.

Useful documents

GWPS LPA Property Guide

GWPS LPA Questionnaire

GWPS LPA Welfare Guide

GWPS Wills Questionnaire

GWPS Wills Fact Sheet

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