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How Guardian Solicitors can benefit your business and your staff.

If you are an employer or owner of a small to medium size enterprise (SME), Guardian Solicitors’ services can review your practice partners’ wealth planning, or succession planning if one of them were to fall ill or die suddenly.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • If your partner dies or has a stroke and is incapacitated, how will your business operate?
  • Are there legal mechanisms in place to allow your business to continue?
  • Do you need a legal “insurance policy”?

One of our current clients has a number of wealthy partners who need help with individual personal planning. Perhaps they may need to look at their shareholding structure and their partnership’s shareholder agreement. Whatever the structure of your business, we will ensure you have a sound succession plan and put your mind at rest about your future.

So ask yourself: just how geared up are you for succession? Do you need legal advice about the necessary provision to deal with how you find a successor?

We are particularly keen to help any professional organisation that has a corporate structure e.g. doctors, dentists, architects, surveyors, accountants.